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Humans can’t be trusted. An evil crone lures you into her house, pretending to be a nice old Grandma and before you know it, BAM! A little girl in a red cloak shows up with a woodsman’s axe and things get a bit messy. Rufus the wolf, the grand-grandson of the unfortunate (and as it happens, completely innocent) wolf who came to his end during the “Little Red” incident knows this only too well. He is a canine of simple tastes. He likes photography, vegetarian cuisine and a good fairy tale.


When his curiosity for his favourite stories overcomes his cowardly nature, he sets out to find the fabled “Grandma’s Cottage” of legend. He instantly regrets his decision. The forest is cold, dark and scary. He misses his friends and his spice rack. And worst of all, there’s something in the trees that’s after him … something wearing a red cloak! Join Big Mix Theatre in their twist of the well known Little Red Riding Hood tale. Big Mix brings together live performance, vivid animation and multimedia to tell a loveable and funny story about working together to overcome boundaries and question stereotypes. Recommended for ages 7+


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