Previous work

In August 2012 we performed The Lost Child as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, performing for five days at Greenside Venue. The performance was well received from the audience, and all the profits made on ticket sales were donated to Rainbow’s Children’s Charity.

12This production of The Lost Child was designed and directed in a way that combines the traditional with the modern. While actors played some of the characters on stage, others were created entirely digitally, and were controlled live during the production. The flexibility of this technique means that the actors control the pace of the scene, not the technology, ensuring a fluid and natural rhythm to any given scene. Solutions were developed both through case studies and inventories of technologies currently available, and also development of software specific to this project. Our aim was firstly to create a colourful, vibrant and engaging performance, and then to begin laying a framework for more research into ways that technology can bring in-depth and exciting new tools and practices to Theatre.

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